Observations of Spherical Geometry

In spherical geometry, all great circles (lines) intersect. All great circles intersect because they are created by intersection of a plane going through the center of the sphere, which creates great circle from the intersection like the circumference of the circle created. There are two intersection points created by two great circles. An angle can be found at one of the point of intersection, which can be defined as an intersection by two planes of the great circles.
After reading this cool post on applications of spherical geometry, I decided to look for all sphere-related objects in my life. This week I saw many spherical objects:

-The fake wooden or plastic or some kind of egg that Mr. Honner showed us on 3/9/11, which also reminds me of lunes.
– Google Earth, at which I usually look at my home only.
-I saw millions and millions of black frog eggs, so many…. enough to fill my stomach 🙂
-The copper ornament that Mr. Honner was juggling during Major selection [he doesn’t seem to juggle well]. Three of the copper ornaments might be infected all because Mr.Honner unleashed water on shapes and used them as test subjects… Poor Shapes..
-On 3/8/11, I saw mini circle shaped pizza during lunch. So cheap… Obviously, I went for some other food.
-Your head is related to spherical geometry. 🙂
-I saw many pictures, more pictures and more pictures of spheres…. All looked beautiful.


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